Water Testing is an important part of what we do. You don’t know the level at which something is needed until you test for it.

What’s in your water may not always be transparent. While some contaminants can cause foul odors or smells, others go unnoticed by you and the people around you who drink it regularly, every day, and do not even know it.

Kinetico Water Experts know firsthand about common issues with tap water quality locally. Not only can we test for dangerous levels of  Nitrates and Lead and other contaminants, but also bacteria like Coliform and E. Coli which can be found in some tap water.

It is important to test for Fluoride, Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Silica, and Manganese to know at what amounts they are found in your water. Too high can be unhealthy or affect the water and result in many problems throughout your house including problems to your pipes and your appliances. 

- P/A (Total coliform / E. coli)

- FHA/ VA testing (Nitrates, Nitrites, and Lead)

- Comprehensive utility water analysis

- Specific contaminants ie. Fluoride, Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Silica, and Manganese

Here is a few reasons why you may want to get your water tested:

If You Moved

If you're buying a new home, it's important to get the okay on your drinking water before moving in. The quality of what comes out will vary depending upon where it originates and how much treatment is needed along its journey, from source all the way to be safe enough for humans. You can have confidence knowing that this means nothing bad has been let go into our homes without detection, so make sure there aren't any future problems by ordering a water test! You definitely want your new home working correctly and having hard water, piping issues, appliance issues, or foul water is not the way to start living in a new home. Have one of our water treatment specialists take a look at your water and help you minimize the risk of any of these factors.

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If You Have A Private Well

Private Wells are not regulated like municipal water systems, so those with well-water must take responsibility for the safety of their own supplies. Well water changes almost daily, and really needs to be monitored monthly at a minimum. Common issues include high levels in minerals such as calcium and magnesium which cause hardening or scaling problems on pipes due to excessive build up from poorly cleaned faucets; iron can also be an issue if there's no way out after being absorbed by plants growing near your property. And because they aren't regulated, the responsibility lies on you, the property owner. Make sure that you get your well water tested to ensure you have the cleanest and most effective water for your home or business.

If There Is a Foul Odor or Taste

Kitchen water can make or break your experience in the kitchen. It is in the food we cook and the tea, coffee, lemonade, and ice that we use in our drinks. A foul odor or taste can be an indicator of high Chlorine, Lead, or another contaminant that may be unhealthy to consume in high doses and may lead to an unfortunate experience. Water Testing can quickly find the root of the problem and you can then work toward a solution!

If You Have Buildup, Spots, and/or Stains

If you have been noticing an increase in the number or severity of your water issues, then it is time to take action. You don't want these minor inconveniences getting worse as they continue on without being addressed! Familiarize yourself with some common Indicators that may point out potential problems such as unsightly stains around sinks and buildup on shower heads which will only cost more money down the line if left unresolved for too long-term damage can occur before we even notice its existence.