Is Acidic Water Bad For You?

Water softeners and water neutralizers may sound similar and you might think they perform the same function but these two devices perform two completely different functions for your home or business. Water softeners remove the minerals which cause water to be hard (calcium, magnesium), whereas water neutralizers increase pH levels of your water to make it less acidic.

So what does that mean? An ideal pH of water should be somewhere around 6.8-8.5. When water is too acidic it can cause damage to plumbing and appliances, not to mention ones health. A water neutralizer is used to raise the pH of household water to an ideal level within that 6.8-8.5 window. To increase the pH level, a water neutralizer will either use sodium carbonate or calcium and magnesium to neutralize the water’s pH.

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If the acidic water is leaking heavy metals into your water, acid water can pose many potential health risks. Exposure to high levels of zinc and copper can lead to gastrointestinal issues, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Extended high-level consumption of copper-heavy water can cause serious health complications, like gallstones, kidney stones, neurological damage, and even kidney and liver failure.

Lead is an extremely dangerous heavy metal to consume, (especially for children) which used to be found in many toys and paint until it was discovered its potential health risks, and since children absorb things more easily it can be even more harmful to them. Lead exposure in children can cause cognitive impairment, memory problems, stunted development, seizures and death. It is not much better for adults as lead exposure in high doses can cause high blood pressure, kidney and nervous system diseases, miscarriages and stillbirths, strokes, and even cancer. 

Basically, our bodies treat lead like calcium and start depositing it in our bones and other parts of our body. It takes many decades for it to naturally go away so we need to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Acid Neutalizer

  • Electric Backwash filters

  • Soda Ash Systems

  • Passive tanks with Calcite/Georgia Marble

  • Electric Backwashing Calcium Carbonate Filters

  • Soda Ash injection for extremely low PH and/or Iron free water

  • Passive Calcite Tanks

Do I Need An Acid Neutralizer For Well Water?

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The answer is Yes and No. 

At Advanced Water Systems, we will thoroughly inspect your water by taking samples, conducting tests to determine its contents, and discussing our evaluation of said tests. Based on what we find we can help navigate you through the process of determining what plan of action and water treatment system might be best for your situation to maximize the quality and taste of your water.

If you do install an acid neutralizer, you may want to invest in a water softener, too. The reason for this is that the calcium compound used can show up and be found in your supply. A large quantity of calcium can result in hard water and can damage plumbing, appliances, and fixtures. It can also lead to calcium deposits, hard water, and soap scum buildup as well as water spots on dishes and silverware. One of our water system experts can walk you through whether or not this is a necessary purchase and, if so, what type of water treatment system is right for you. 

Acidic Water Can Cause Serious Problems..

There are reasons why Kinetico is the best choice for Acid Neutralizer Systems.

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Problems From Acidic Water

Decreased lifespan of water heaters due to possible premature failure and tank leakage

Corrosion and premature failure of household plumbing and plumbing fixtures

Imparts a bitter or sour taste to your water because of elevated levels of metals

Results in the formation of hard to remove blue-green stains on drains and porcelain fixtures

Consumption of water with elevated levels of toxic metals, such as lead, copper, chromium and zinc have been shown to cause both acute and chronic health problems

Water has the potential to dissolve harmful metals and other contaminants from groundwater systems (aquifer).